flexiLabs, more than just virtualization

flexiLabs provides users access to their desktops and applications, from anywhere, anytime and any device.
As well as enabling the IT staff to access the best in class technology, enabling scalable and simplified management.

We know that serving applications and desktops is much more than simply virtualizing ...
  • Desktop virtualization is more complex and diverse than traditional desktops
  • Models "BYOD" and concurrence, are given by default
  • The requirements are very varied (licensing, subjects, type of practice)
  • Standard models like VDI do not cover all needs

More than just virtualization

Based on our experience, we know that the best solution is a flexible, comprehensive, fast, efficient and automated model of access, access and process automation

With flexiLabs we go further and offer more than just virtualization, since this is what the enterprise needs.

Why flexiLabs?

Many solutions only offer virtual positions (even in the cloud) but the full weight of management, administration and control continues to fall on the IT side.


Over the last six years, we have accumulated vast experience in the virtualization of applications & have developed specific IP & know-how which enables us to offer as simple a solution as possible.

We have extensive experience:
  • 600+ virtualized applications on catalog
  • 6+ years in production
  • flexiLabs is used by 100’000+ users

How does it work?

From the web portal, users access their desktops and applications.

  • Web access by native or HTML5 client
  • Windows or Linux desktops
  • Programs with high graphic content
  • ‘Like it’s local’ user experience

Predictable cost structure

  • Fees are constant during the service period and based on number of users and applications
  • Allows customers to control cost and budget expenditure
  • Can be treated as OPEX rather than CAPEX